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Sharikat Fanniya Omaniya (Salalah) LLC, was formed in 1972 jointly with African & Eastern Trading Co. of U.K Popularly known as SFO.

icon_widget_image Sun - Thu 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Fri - Sat - CLOSED icon_widget_image PO Box #: 127,Postal Code 211,Salalah, Sultanate of Oman icon_widget_image + (968) 23290566 + (968) 23292204 icon_widget_image info@sfomaniya.com
Specialized Electrical & Civil Contractors

Our Commitment

Sharikat Fanniya Omaniya (Salalah) LLC, was formed in 1972 jointly with African & Eastern Trading Co. of U.K

Our Commitment


As an innovative company with increasing value, our main strategy is to have a customer-oriented approach while providing MEP services for high-quality projects with our long years of experience.

While expanding to new markets, we are aiming to be the MEP contractor of the important project by maintaining our high-quality
and reputation, to be looking forward to establishing partnerships with global players in the sector and carrying out sustainability with risk and cost control.

The Board of Directors and Senior Management are constantly monitoring activities according to our strategy.
During the periodic and frequent management meetings, the performance of the company is kept under control and new targets and
strategies are being determined, if necessary.

Our target plan for new five years:

  • Expand our operations to new markets
  • Become one of the key player in entire Oman
  • Involve in infrastructure Projects.
  • Strengthen our strong capital structure
  • Grow at least 15% while maximizing our profitability in the new projects.
  • Strengthen our activities in renewable energy sector.
  • Enhance our capacity to design, install, test and commission Grid stations and transmission lines up to 400kV.
  • Continue to implement corporate governance principle


SFO is dedicated to continuous improvement in “Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety” issues.
SFO is committed to providing the conditions and resources to ensure the following objectives within the frame of Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

  • Raising the employee awareness of the impacts of their activities during the processes and services related to the quality,
    environment, occupational health and safety and ensure communication and active participation in quality, environmental, occupational health and
    safety management-related issues.
  • Developing processes to fulfil customer needs and satisfaction in desired quality at the right first time, just in time,
    complete and accurate; ensure the subcontractors and suppliers are involved in the environmental, occupational health and safety aspects
    of our services and processes
  • Continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes and services in order to endeavour the ultimate goals;
    “Zero Defect”, “Do It Right First Time” and “Zero Accident or Environmental Incident”
  • Providing the necessary resources for quality, environmental, occupational health and safety requirements and taking the necessary
    actions in order to optimize the use of these resources.
  • Demonstrating compliance with the ISO 9001 Quality System requirements and the specific customer requirements.
  • Complying with local and international laws, regulations and sector requirements in every process of work
  • Taking necessary corrective and preventive actions for safety and environmental-related non-conformities, accidents
  • Measuring the performance of employees and processes with internal audits in order to maintain the effectiveness of our quality,
    environmental, occupational health and safety management systems are clearly communicated to all of our employees.
  • Ensuring that the targets of quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management systems are clearly communicated to all our employees.
  • The suitability, effectiveness and efficiency of the entire “QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS”
    are periodically reviewed by the top management and updated as part of our continual improvement process.


    • We consider the works safety as our most important priority, and we respect fundamental right and freedom of all our employees.

We provide healthy and secure working conditions for our employees.

  • We accommodate social, environmental, ethical and humane issues in our focus point.
  • We maintain all our activities and relations based on the honesty and considering interests of all entourages
  • We include all of our shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, suppliers and non-governmental organizations
    and all the individuals of the society, who live and work in our establishment.
  • We act conscious of our responsibility to the environment.
  • We take care of using the energy resources in the most efficient way
  • We conduct all our practices in the way that they protect the environment and which continuously improves our environmentally friendly
  • We consider observing national and international standards with respect to the environment as part of our social responsibility perception.
  • We fulfil all our tax obligations to the government by adhering to the principles of accuracy and transparency
  • We share our knowledge and experience with the society
  • We furnish equality of opportunity of each and every employee of ours.
  • We attach importance to the freedom for expression with regard to the communication and all the thoughts and points of view for the decision process.